5 Steps to Affordable High Quality Tees in the Mail

I’ve been a t-shirt kind of guy for as long as I can remember. I love the cool, classic look of a nice, well-fitted t-shirt. I love the variety of styles you can find as well as the versatility of the t-shirt. They are easy to dress up, or dress down, comfortable to wear and always look cool. I was lamenting about the difficulty I was having finding a good source for my beloved tee to a friend when after a quick Google search I stumbled across True Classic Tees, a website dedicated to the t-shirt. Like me, the founder was a t-shirt lover who struggled to find the perfect tee. Unlike me, he did more than just complain about it and created a simple to use website for all your t-shirt shopping needs.

The t-shirts at True Classic Tees are soft, fit perfectly (not too tight, not too baggy), they come in a variety of solid colors, and styles. They offer them individually, in packs of four and even as a monthly subscription service. AND they are so affordable! Sign me up! The True Classic Tees site is easy to use and the process to sign up for the monthly subscription service is even easier. 

Step One: Visit the website at https://trueclassictees.com

Step Two: Click Monthly Club from the menu.

Step Three: Select your preferred t-shirt style. There are four choices – crew neck, v-neck, pocket, and a pack. Crew, V, and pocket are all the same price at $12.97 per month and a pack of three will cost you $34.97.

Step Four: Choose the color you want as well as the size. The shirts come in size small, medium, large, extra large and, double X. You can also choose to get the shirts deliver once a month or every two or three months. You can also order as many shirts per month as you want.

Step Five: Check out and pay. And that’s it!

Not only does True Classic Tees make the purchasing simple, they offer no ree exchange and no hassle returns. I doubt anyone will b returning these shirts though, they are so comfortable. The material is soft and well made. The colors are rich and don’t fade in the wash and the fit is perfect. The simplicity of ordering these shirts along with the quality f the product has converted me. I won’t be going back to store-bought t-shirts anytime soon.