What is a Bidet Toilet and How Does it Work

Few people are knowledgeable of what a bidet is. Many would have to turn to their dictionaries, or research it on the internet. Simply stated, a bidet is a washing tool for the genitals. It has been used for a long period of time in European nations, but has now become a popular commodity in the United States. A bidet is shaped like a sink for which the buttocks can sit facing the spray of the water. Generally called a sitz bath, people are able to wash the entire buttocks and genital area while being sprayed with the solution. It can also be used to wash the feet and legs.

A Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet is a luxury item that has numerous settings. It comes equipped with a nightlight, and a deodorizer. The bidet is designed for both men and women, and is very beneficial for the elderly. Since it not a gender specific product the male and female sit on the bidet, legs straddled, with the body in the direction of the spray. This is great for post surgical procedures, or for any reason when a good cleansing is needed. The The Brondell Swash 1400 luxury bidet comes in elongated or a round style to suit everyone.

The bidet is a very functional cleansing bath that can enhance every bathroom decor. Many of them have a dry and eco mode programmable settings. They provide the ultimate clean, and some come with self cleaning nozzles for easier sanitation. By using a saline solution, the bodily area is assured a clean free from the impurities that may be in some water. Men and women get the same benefits from the bidet because it is aimed at one particular area. The bidet is used especially for hygiene purposes, and was developed back during the ages when very little thought was given to proper hygiene.

The bidet is probably still questionable of many people. The medical professionals may not endorse it, but it is still relevant. It could be viewed upon as a good household item when there is a senior adult or an invalid person at the home. For those who have difficulty washing themselves in their lower genital region, the bidet could be a pertinent fixture. It will possibly eliminate slips and falls during baths. The directional flow of the spray solution is a much needed convenience for any user, male or female.